Comic 64 - Autumn Bay, Dimension 63 #1

27th Feb 2015, 1:15 PM in Alternates, Extras, and Goofing Around
Autumn Bay, Dimension 63 #1
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ProfEtheric 27th Feb 2015, 1:15 PM edit delete
Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a world much like the one I have been chronicling, but with one difference.

Here we see that world's view on the first sighting in comic of Nesariel, as she is about ready to send Marius Lebeau and Andrea Chapel to a horrible future where Dr. Simone Nestor has brought horrible eldritch beings, and a resistance led by Dr. Jamie Deacon and Jenny Donovan fights back.

I did this because of a forum topic, where we were asked to genderbend our characters. Is it bad that I REALLY like the girl version of Andrew?