Comic 19 - MistakeNPotatoes

23rd Nov 2014, 12:56 PM in Extreme Redesign Challenge
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Author Notes:

ProfEtheric 23rd Nov 2014, 12:56 PM edit delete
"So the one on the left is more of the 'extreme redesign' side of it. I'm not sure how old he's supposed to be so I sort of went the way it decided to go.

On the right, I tried using your current design but simplifying the hair - I know on another thread you talked about how the hair was giving you trouble. I noticed you do this with a lot of your characters, drawing a bunch of lines in - that actually flattens the hair and makes the volume hard to discern - on top of that it looks a little messy sometimes. Try minimizing the lines and selecting where to put them in order to denote direction of hair and volume, and I think that greatly increases the ease of drawing and reading the hair - I simplified the beard a bit, too."

And he did this on an Android, folks!